What are stocks?

Stocks are basically the legal instruments of sharing of a company’s ownership, written on paper called, “Shares” which have a “Dollar” value. (Sometimes, the words ‘Stocks’ and ‘Shares’ are used interchangeably).


How Do I get started trading?

All you will need to get started is a open brokerage account.  Flytraders recommend taking our training or some training before excuting a trade.  We hope to gain your business!


How do I open a brokerage account?

Opening an account is simple, You can go online or visit your local brokrage house to open an account.  We have a free lesson that shows you how to open an account in 10 mins.  (Please click Link here!)


Is Stock Market Investing the same as Gambling?

No, for two reasons:

1 – It is not guesswork; you buy and sell based on of the buying and selling habits of people and institutions.

2 – It makes good sense to buy something wholesale (cheaper) and sell it retail (higher).

Is Wall Street Investing Safe?

Yes, though there is a level of risk, (as with anything in life), there are methods. that wise traders use to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Do I need to be RICH or have a lot of money to start trading?

No, that is a myth. There are many stocks that range from $5 – $100 per share. You can start small and build.

Can anyone buy Stock or Shares?

Yes, but it is recommended that they are 18yrs. and older. Anyone can learn and practice.

What is the difference between Investing and Trading?

Investing uses long-term strategies while Trading primarily targets short-term profits. Furthermore, we do not encourage Day-Trading which is time-consuming.

What is an option?

Options are derivatives of stocks, options are represented as contracts.  (Please click link for lesson on ABC’s of the market!)  Information will cover call and Puts…


What is Flytraders about?

Flytraders is a lifestyle company, culture changers.


Things Flytraders isn’t about!

Please see SEC cases against some main stream trading companies.



Disclaimer: Flytraders.net, any related products, recommendations, and services are tools only and are not intended to replace individual research or third party professional advice. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results! Testimonials are non-representative of all clients; certain accounts may have worse performance than that indicated. Trading stocks involves substantial risk; and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. No representation is being made that any software or training will guarantee profits or not results in losses from trading.

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